The Whiskey Flicks Live Holiday Spectacular!

An unscripted, booze-infused deep dive into a century of holiday films. Two nights only: Friday 12/18, 7pm EST and Saturday 12/19, 9pm EST.


The Whiskey Flicks Live Holiday Spectacular! arrives just in time for a holiday season unlike any other. We’re home. We’re bored. We’re “alone together.” What does all of this mean? Let’s open a bottle, watch some movies, and figure it out.

Michael Niederman and Daniel McCoy’s unscripted, booze-infused deep dive into film comes jingling down the chimney straight to your screen as together we celebrate and dissect a century of seasonal festivity in movies, TV and MTV. For each show, Dan will compile a one-time-only series of clips to show Mike, who will launch into an impromptu commentary of film criticism, social observation and personal history.

Mike doesn’t know what Dan’s going to show him, Dan doesn’t know what Mike’s going to say, and the audience is along for the ride. There may be caroling. There’ll definitely be drinking. BYOB! (And wear your worst sweater.)

A note to our audience about content:

Friday 12/18, 7pm: The Nice Show will be our FAMILY FRIENDLY version, where we only spike the eggnog a trifle and don’t talk politics at the table. This one is suitable for kids of all ages!

Saturday 12/19, 9pm The Naughty Show will be our NSFW version, where we park our booties on the copy machine and get rude and rowdy. In other words, put the kids to bed early for this one…

Photo by Jody Christopherson

Author: dmccoy42

Playwright, performer, movie lover.

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