Whiskey Flicks Live! MIDNIGHT MADNESS!!! Vol. 2

How trashy can we get in our unscripted, boozed-infused deep dive into film? We explored this notion in the April 23rd performance of Whiskey Flicks Live! MIDNIGHT MADNESS!!! with guest co-curator and co-reactor Kyra Sims. Did we find any answers? Mmmm… If you want to see more of Kyra’s work, we urge you to investigate the following:

Kyra’s walking tour NYC history essay series
New York Neo-Futurists

Join us again on Friday 4/30 for Vol. 3 of MIDNIGHT MADNESS!!! with our next guest, actor, Neo-Futurist, and the voice of “Welcome to Night Vale” Cecil Baldwin.

And here’s your “omg my head was spinning from all the awesome clips and I couldn’t keep track” playlist from the show. Happy watching!

  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  2. But I’m a Cheerleader
  3. Pink Flamingos
  4. Glen or Glenda
  5. Party Monster
  6. The Room
  7. The Who’s Tommy
  8. The Cremaster Cycle
  9. The Harder They Come
  10. Sleepaway Camp
  11. Harold and Maude
  12. Pink Flamingos (redux)
  13. Cats
  14. Nosferatu (1922)
  15. The Arena
  16. Troll 2
  17. Jennifer’s Body
  18. The Warriors
  19. Bebe’s Kids
  20. Plan 9 From Outer Space
  21. Hercules in New York (Kyra pick!)
  22. Repo Man (Niederman pick!)
  23. Catwomen of the Moon (audience pick!)
  24. Hedwig and the Angry Inch
  25. Pink Flamingos (finale)

Photos from the 4/23 performance of Midnight Madness!!!

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Playwright, performer, movie lover.

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