And away we go: Rocky Horror, midnight movies, middle age, and alcohol.


Not long ago, the creators of this project – Dan McCoy (that’s me) and Mike Niederman – went to The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Cinepolos Chelsea movie theatre.

It was Mike’s umpteenth time and my first. I’d seen Rocky Horror on TV before, but never live with the shadow cast, the dancing, the devirginizing, and, of course, the talking to the screen. Rocky Horror premiered the year I was born and in all that time, to my ongoing shame, I’d never done the real deal.

Until now.

The experience, which we talk about in our first episode of “Whiskey Flicks,” awakened in me a desire to explore midnight movies in New York City, at both the regular film series curated at various theatres in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and at more off-the-beaten-path screenings.

There’s a rich history and still-active culture surrounding these deep-A.M. cinematic curiosities, and a broad selection of cult classics, obscure genre pictures, and forgotten gems to be enjoyed, processed, and discussed.

Over whiskey.

The cast of this podcast is a group of friends – playwrights and theatre artists – who enjoy movies maybe a little more than they should. They like to stay up late on the weekends. And they like to drink. Why not record a podcast about all those things? It’s 2017 and doing this is easy and practically free.

So here we are.

As the series progresses we hope to wrangle special guests from time to time. Maybe we’ll include other more famous podcast personalities in our discussions, maybe we’ll conduct interviews with the curators of the film series we attend, or maybe if we develop a following of any kind we’ll invite listeners along and record some post-movie discussions outside the theatre.

I don’t know. Anything could happen. Or not. The main point is:

We love movies. And we hope, if you’re listening, that you do to.

We love staying up past our bedtime. And if you’re listening, we hope it’s at an unreasonable hour.

And we love whiskey. Okay, some of us prefer wine. But come on, whiskey’s the best.

So raise a glass with us.

To “Whiskey Flicks!”