Dazed and Confused (Part 1) drugs, drug laws, bullying, freedom, and Matthew McConaughey’s pink pants

On April 21 (the day after 4/20, but whatever, man) we took Whiskey Flicks to Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg for the first time to cover Richard Linklater’s 1993 coming-of-age classic Dazed and Confused, the winner of their Marijuana Madness Tournament.

This episode consists entirely of our pre-show, greenery-fueled discussion. The next episode will cover our post-show chat, as well as our return trip to Nitehawk the following week for Videodrome, the runner up in the MJ Madness Tournament – an excursion that took a surprising turn.

Dazed and Confused poster

And, as promised somewhere in the middle of our discussion, some links to statistics on marijuana-related arrests and convictions:

ACLA – Marijuana Arrests By the Numbers
DrugPolicy.org – Drug War Statistics
Washington Post -More people were arrested last year over pot than for murder, rape, aggravated assault and robbery — combined
New York Times – Marijuana Arrests Outnumber Those for Violent Crimes, Study Finds

Soylent Green: the passing of a Hollywood legend and a Chelsea landmark

On Friday, March 23, we returned to the IFC Center for a midnight screening of Soylent Green, the 1972 dystopia thriller directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson in his final film.

soylent-green-1973 horizontal

We recorded our pre-show discussion at the now-shuttered El Quijotea 90 year old Spanish restaurant in the ground floor of the Chelsea Hotel. Over dinner we talk with a couple at a neighboring table about all things (or at least some things) Jewish in NYC, and with staff of the restaurant about the closing of this mainstay 23rd Street restaurant.

El Quijote


WHISKEY SIPS #1: Detective Chinatown 2 – It’s a ticking clock serial killer thriller but it also has slapstick and whacky chase scenes!

This is the first edition of “Whiskey Sips,” our happy hour edition of Whiskey Flicks, where we pod about a “before bedtime” screening we just couldn’t resist.

On March 16, with a flask of Hudson Whiskey, we braved Friday evening in Times Square to ascend about thirty escalators at AMC Empire on 42nd Street for the hugest international cinematic success story you’ve probably never heard of: Detective Chinatown 2. As the icing on the pan-global cake, were accompanied by Rachel McPhee, who acted in the film.

DC2 poster

Referenced in the pod: the first part of the epic Wang Baoqiang/Donnie Yen fight scene in Kung-Fu Jungle. You definitely want to watch this. How did they film these stunts AND match all the shots with the cars going by???

Showgirls: a Las Vegas masterpiece, with all the ice cubes you can handle, darlin’.

Friday March 2nd found Mike, Phlip and me at Videology in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the 1995 camp classic Showgirls. While Jack was off skiing or something, we were lucky to be joined by special guest Hadley Todoran.


Videology provided us with our featured whiskies for the night, in form of beer and shot combos. I went with Old Overholt. Some of the others may have gone with Jim Beam. I really don’t remember.

Showgirls drinking game


Showgirls menu

Needless to say, the drinking game emptied our cans and glasses faster than you can say “Versace.”

Eraserhead – David Lynch’s debut nightmare of domesticity.

January 28, well past midnight, we gathered outside IFC Center with guest pal Eric Rice to discuss Eraserhead, David Lynch’s 1977 debut feature, in which pretty much every trope he would employ over the next 40 years was already in some way on display.

EH poster image

Our featured whiskey was Smuggler’s Notch Distillery’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Also, here are links to the David Lynch Foundation for those of you interested in Transcendental Meditation, and to Cagey Films for an excellent article by Kenneth George Godwin on the making of Eraserhead.

lady image

The Warriors – it’s a long, hard ride from the Bronx to Coney Island. And goodbye to the Landmark Sunshine…

On Friday, January 5, we braved (or at least less-wussed) the single-digit temperatures of the “bomb cyclone” to make our last visit to the Landmark Sunshine Cinema (which closed last weekend as of this writing) for Walter Hill’s 1979 NYC gangs-in-costumes classic The Warriors.

In this episode we talk about the movie, the novel by Sol Yurick, and the ancient Greek text that started it all, Xenophon’s Anabasis.

the_warriors_postersunshine exit








At the movie we met two eager Warriors fans visiting NYC from Argentina and we enjoyed our featured spirit, Hudson Manhattan Rye Whiskey.

manhattan rye

The following weekend we traveled to Coney Island in search of the spot where the Warriors finally saw home, only to find it as changed as the rest of the city, pausing for a nosh at Nathan’s Hot Dogs for further unpacking of the movie and its sources.


And here are a couple fun extras:

Actor Thomas G. Waites on getting fired from The Warriors.

Nick Carr breaks down the NYC filming locations for The Warriors on ScoutingNY.com. 





Footballs, new dresses, future wives and spoons: Tommy Wiseau’s The Room.

In early October we returned to the Landmark Sunshine for Tommy Wiseau’s modern classic romantic psychological drama The Room. There we encountered passionate fans, airborne spoons, and Tommy himself, whose intro Q&A we captured in its entirety.


For the movie, I drank Spirits of Old Bennington Kilted Wheat Whiskey, a bottle of which I purchased in September during a trip to Vermont. I don’t know what the hell the others were drinking that night. But for our discussion a few days later we drank Jamison, apparently.

Happy holidays, and join us for our next outing, when we head back again to the Sunshine (gotta cram as many movies as we can before it closes) for The Warriors, Friday, January 5 at midnight!

wiseau_650 football