Whiskey Flicks Live! One Year at a Time…1992

This week, the Whiskey Flicks Live! One Year at a Time… machine took us to 1992, the year Michael and I entered our senior year of high school and movies really started to matter. Down below is the playlist from our January 15 show, in its entirety.

And hop back in with us Friday 1/22, 9pm EST, as our randomly generated, whiskey-fueled time machine sends us forward one more decade…to 2003! Reserve your tickets HERE.

The official WFL! 1992 playlist:

  1. Alice in Chains – Would? (music video – from the Singles soundtrack)
  2. White Men Can’t Jump
  3. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
  4. My Cousin Vinny
  5. Basic Instinct
  6. Aladdin
  7. Cool World
  8. A League of Their Own
  9. Malcolm X
  10. Seinfeld – The Contest
  11. Bram Stoker’s Dracula
  12. Candyman
  13. Alien3
  14. Kriss Kross – Jump (music video)
  15. X-Men (TV show)
  16. Reservoir Dogs
  17. Wayne’s World
  18. Slow Movie Speed Round: Howard’s End, Unforgiven, A River Runs Through It, Glengarry Glen Ross
  19. Night on Earth
  20. Strictly Ballroom
  21. Sinead O’Connor – War (SNL performance)
  22. Sister Act
  23. The Crying Game
  24. Baraka (Niederman choice)
  25. Diggstown (audience choice)
  26. The Mighty Ducks
  27. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You (music video from The Bodyguard soundtrack)
  28. Death Becomes Her

Photos by Jody Christopherson

Author: dmccoy42

Playwright, performer, movie lover.

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