WHISKEY SIPS #1: Detective Chinatown 2 – It’s a ticking clock serial killer thriller but it also has slapstick and whacky chase scenes!

This is the first edition of “Whiskey Sips,” our happy hour edition of Whiskey Flicks, where we pod about a “before bedtime” screening we just couldn’t resist.

On March 16, with a flask of Hudson Whiskey, we braved Friday evening in Times Square to ascend about thirty escalators at AMC Empire on 42nd Street for the hugest international cinematic success story you’ve probably never heard of: Detective Chinatown 2. As the icing on the pan-global cake, were accompanied by Rachel McPhee, who acted in the film.

DC2 poster

Referenced in the pod: the first part of the epic Wang Baoqiang/Donnie Yen fight scene in Kung-Fu Jungle. You definitely want to watch this. How did they film these stunts AND match all the shots with the cars going by???

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Playwright, performer, movie lover.

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